Cheryl Morton

Cheryl Morton, COO


Cheryl Morton

Cheryl, a Washington D.C. native began her career in the hotel and restaurant management sector where she was a director that oversaw departments such as hotel operations and logistics such as housekeeping. In that role, she coordinated all hiring as well as orchestrated all onboarding processes such as training of new employees and introducing them to company culture and expectations. Cheryl utilized her influence to pursue and expand on her preexisting knowledge in other areas such as reservations and receptions. She would eventually go on to use those talents to transition into becoming legal assistance focusing on pre-litigations and the like. A role in which she was responsible for creating official settlement documents. However, after some time Cheryl realized her greatest skills were human resources where she was able to connect with people and point them in the direction of their best career trajectory and has spent the last decade coordinating and teaching. Cheryl believes that given people the right opportunity and support there is no limit to the amount of success a company can achieve.

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