Derrick Morton

Derrick Morton, CTO


Derrick Morton

Derrick is extremely passionate about creating innovative solutions with frontend or backend technologies. He has experience leading a variety of teams, currently, he is a tech lead for one of the largest financial technology (finTech) companies in the world. Derrick is also a tech leader and mentors for a higher education company where he helps people make the transition into the tech industry. Derrick also has experience leading teams and initiatives to help assess team direction and properly distribute the workload. He has experience working with a variety of technologies and (MVC) frameworks to craft concise and scalable solutions for numerous projects. He has experience building full-stack applications utilizing technologies such as React, Angular and JavaScript, relational and non-relational databases along with EC2 instances with Elastic Bean-Stalk. He has been a part of a team that was responsible for building single-page applications utilizing a microservice-based architecture. He has in-depth knowledge of how the flow of data is handled through an entire system, from the client to server to database and back as well as middlewares to handle certain use cases. He also developed custom API's using RESTful web service best practices. He also deployed applications using AWS and following CI/CD processes along with analyzing and implementing new processes to meet customer needs, stress-testing the codebase as well as scaling applications to handle user requests.

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