Tamara Morton

Tamara Morton, Director Of Operations


Tamara Morton

Tammy's journey began working in the nursing home & long term care facilities industry where she was a nursing aide and assistant. Tammy would then take those skills of caring for patients and logistical operations and start her own business and founded a daycare. Tammy oversaw daily operations such as scheduling, activity planning making sure that all children got adequate physical activity, playtime, and rest. She also created after-hour activities for children. She was also responsible for the interviewing and the hiring of new associates; whom she would also train. She also saw the opportunity to work in public school transportation services, where she was responsible for overseeing the safe travel of all students on numerous routes and coordinating effective and efficient means of transit for each route. Tammy's ability to create value and her willingness to serve with patience has catapulted her career and is an integral part of Mor-Cannabis’s operational and human resource endeavors.

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